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    This form is used to request more information about the services I provide. Please fill out the form and submit it. I should be able to process your request for information within 2 to 3 days. Please make sure your email address (or any other contact information you provide) is correct. As I will only be able to contact you via the email address or any contact information you supply. If you do not hear from me within 3 days, try submitting the order again, or contacting me directly, via the contact info page. If you need any more information check out my Contact Info page and let me know.
    I retain all rights to the material that is available for download or viewable. I also retain any and all rights to the information emailed to me. Any information submitted via this form (or by any other means) becomes my sole property, and you forfeit any and all rights to the information (or data) submitted.

     Build A PC Documentation
     Game Design Game Development
     Image Editing Image Restorization
     Network Maintenance Network Setup
     Network Support PC Troubleshooting (A+)
     Photography Software Design
     Software Development Website Design
     Website Development Website Maintenance
     Video Compression Video Editing




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