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    The applications listed in this section were all done in Flash 8. I have 2 kinds of applications here : Work Related (Jobs), and College Courses. My work relates projects were completed while I worked at Inhance Digital. I do have the files available for download, but I want to note that some of them are a bit large. I have included images of the applications as well. If you need any more information check out my Contact Info page and let me know. I retain all rights to the material that is available for download or viewable.

Nasa 50th and Games
Project Title : Nasa 50th and Games
Application Title : Nasa 50th
Date Completed : May 2008
Project Timeline : 12 weeks from March 10th '08 to May 30th '08
Team (roles) :
  Jonathan Gardner (Programming Lead, Designer, Documentation, Multimedia/Image Editing)
Application Type : Informative, Web Application, Interactive (Games)
Location : Los Angeles, CA
Project Type : Work Related, Job
Client :
  Discovery Channel
Company I Worked For :
  Inhance Digital
Supervisor :
  Mazi Farzam -President

Downloads :
  I have 2 versions of these applications : the swf files, and the exes. Generally I would suggest using the Exes as they don't hold any web code. The swf files have web code and can act a little funny. This is because they try to access art assets on the web. Mainly this only affects the videos for the application. Using either version you won't be able to view all of the videos. They were all references as external files, and I wasn't able to have them accessible. A Note : I would suggest doing a 'Save As..." when downloading all of these files.

  Nasa 50th Notes (Exe) : In the Assembly View, The launch videos have been removed as they reference external web files that I don't have. In the Control Room : Only the Nasa Films are viewable, The Simulations are not. The Game Launch buttons have been disabled. In the mission Games : The Game Launch buttons will not open the games. They reference the external links, and I have disabled them. If you want to view the games, download the files for the ones you want to see.

  Nasa 50th Notes (Swf) : On the initial load, the application will ask if it is ok to access the Inhance web servers. I removed all of the access to the server's files, but I couldn't locate the code for the initial settings. In the Assembly view, the Launch buttons will transition to the videos, but no video will be displayed. The application will also hang here because its waiting for the video to finish that isn't playing. So you will just have to navigate manually. In the Control Room : None of the videos are available. Also the game buttons do not load anything. The external links have been removed. In the mission Games : The Game Launch buttons will not open the games. They reference the external links, and I have disabled them. If you want to view the games, download the files for the ones you want to see.

  Individual Games (Both Ver) : You shouldn't have any issues with these. All of the buttons should work properly. If by chance I missed a button, you may be directed to the Nasa Official Web Page. I have also included a zip file that has all of the games in one file.

  Nasa_50th.exe  ( ~ 12.4 MB)
  Nasa_50th.swf  ( ~ 10.9 MB)  ( ~ 27.1 MB)

  Apollo_1.exe  ( ~ 1.72 MB)
  Apollo_2.exe  ( ~ 1.75 MB)
  Gemini.exe  ( ~ 1.74 MB)
  Lander.exe  ( ~ 1.91 MB)
  Earth_Recon.exe  ( ~ 6.15 MB)
  Moon_Recon.exe  ( ~ 6.92 MB)

  Apollo_1.swf  ( ~ 230 KB)
  Apollo_2.swf  ( ~ 260 KB)
  Gemini.swf  ( ~ 245 KB)
  Lander.swf  ( ~ 425 KB)
  Earth_Recon.swf  ( ~ 4.64 MB)
  Moon_Recon.swf  ( ~ 5.41 MB)

External Links :
  These are the Official Discovery Channel / Nasa Links for the projects :

  Nasa 50th Official Page
  Gemini Docking Official Page
  Apollo Docking Official Page
  Apollo Docking 2 Official Page
  Lunar Lander Official Page
  Earth Recon Official Page
  Moon Recon Official Page

Nasa Games :
  The Nasa 50th and Games set was the longest project I worked on at Inhance. It lasted about 3 months, during which I worked on 4 other projects alongside this. This project was really broken down into 2 parts. The first part I worked on was the Nasa Games. There are 6 games in total that I developed from scratch. The second part of this project was the Nasa 50th Anniversary Web Application. This eventually linked in with the Nasa games.

  The games started out a little slow. I started out the project by talking to Mazi. The clients had a gameplay layout with a few ideas. My first section of the project would be to design and develop the games and the interfaces. This ended up breaking the games into 3 types : Docking, Lander, and Recon. Each of these had a different information and gameplay.

  The Docking games included the Apollo 1 and 2 games, and the Gemini game. These all had similar gameplay and interface designs. Basically you are the pilot flying one of the modules and are trying to dock it with another module. You have an interface of the module you are in, and it has a window showing the other docking module. There is also a section at the top of the screen that shows your position relative to the docking module. Using the thrusters, the user will guide the module they are in over to the module they are trying to dock with. The goal is to try and docking using the smallest amount of fuel and in the shortest time. By doing this the user will get a higher score. The longer it takes and the more fuel the user uses, the lower the score.

  The next game is the Lunar Lander. This was based off of the actual mission to land on the moon. Similar to the docking games, the user is in a module with a window. The only difference is that the moon is displayed outside the window. The user also has a guidance system at the top of the screen. It shows the players position relative to the moon and the landing site. The user is trying to land the LEM module on the moon without using all of their fuel. Using less fuel will give you more points. Also the faster you accomplish the mission, the more points you are awarded.

  The last style of games is the Recon games. They both have the same gameplay and interface. One is based on an orbit around the moon and the other and orbit around the earth. The objective here is to identify the target area where the real astronauts took photos. The user is given a set of 4 random images, and they have to choose the correct image. Now after testing this for a while, I found that the moon mission is much harder. The images here are very similar and can be difficult to distinguish between them. Overall the objective is to complete the mission in the least amount of time correctly identifying all of the locations. Additional information is displayed after each location. This include the locations name, long - lat, and some general information about the location.

  Overall the project went fairly smooth. There was one major change part way through the projects. The original plans for the games had them using a 640x480 window. Later in the project this was changed to 825x510. The biggest issue with this was the art assets. Almost all of them had to be redone to accommodate the resolution change. This took awhile to do. I did work on a lot of the artwork and images for the games. The thing that took the longest to update was the moon and earth maps. These images were extremely large because of the resolution. As for the programming, there were some minor updates that had to be worked out. Overall the programming updates took a lot less time to do then the artwork.

  The final versions of the games were a big hit. Mazi really liked the design and layout I came up with. The gameplay aspects fit perfectly with what the client wanted. So a lot of happy people there. I guess the biggest plus for me is that the games are still being used on the Discovery website. I included the links above to the games and the web shell. It was quite satisfying to see a finished product out there for people to use.

Nasa 50th Web Shell :

  This was the second part of the Nasa project. I worked on the web shell with another programmer. He did the backend of the application and most of the transitions between sections. I added in the transitions for the information and videos. I also added in most of the text information and all of the photos. While the other programmer wrote in the video playback, I used his layout to display all of the videos used in the project. I also designed some of the interfaces and transitions for the games.

  Overall there is a little less to explain on this end of the project. Mainly because most of what I worked on was the information in the application. The best way to explain that is to view it in the application. I programmed the transitions and layouts of the information. This included the pop ups and drop downs for most of the application. So the best thing would be to view the application running.

  Keys : Here are all of the keys for the applications.
    Bullet_Blue   W : Up
    Bullet_Blue   S : Down
    Bullet_Blue   A : Left
    Bullet_Blue   D : Right
    Bullet_Blue   Left Click : Select Options and Click Buttons

  Screenshots :

  Here are some images of the Nasa 50th web application.

Main Page Mercury      Main Tab For Games

Assembly View Apollo 15      Assembly View Mercury

Mission Control Apollo 11      Mission Control Gemini 8

  Here are a couple images of the Apollo 1 Docking game.

Apollo 1 Docking Image 1      Apollo 1 Docking Image 2

  Here are a couple images of the Apollo 2 Docking game.

Apollo 2 Docking Image 1      Apollo 2 Docking Image 2

  Here are a couple images of the Gemini Docking game.

Gemini Docking Image 1      Gemini Docking Image 2

  Here are a couple images of the Lunar Landing game.

Lunar Lander Image 1      Lunar Lander Image 2

  Here are a couple images of the Moon Recon game.

Moon Recon Image 1      Moon Recon Image 2

  Here are a couple images of the Earth Recon game.

Earth Recon Image 1      Earth Recon Image 2


Flash Website Template
Project Title : Flash Website Template
Date Completed : August 2007
Project Timeline : ~11 Weeks from May 19th '07 to August 1st '07
Team (roles) :
  Jonathan Gardner (All)
Application Type : Presentation, Demonstrative, Website Template, Collection
Location : Phoenix, AZ
Project Type : College Course
Downloads :
  FlashWebsite.swf  ( ~ 5.66 MB)

Project Details :
  This is a nifty application. It is a simulation of a website in a flash application. The only difference in this application over a website is the way the links are handled. Since this isn't a full website, the links are all internal. All of the animations and applications were imported into the main application. So that eliminated the external calls and external files. But this is a collection of all the applications I worked on during a Flash course. Now the only bad thing is that I am not the best artist, so the graphics for some of the applications are a little shaky.

  Along the top of the application are the main projects. These were all of the main assignments from the course. They all show something specific that was learned during that part of the class. Along the right side you will see some of the in class assignments. Most of these were done in a single class. So these are really were my artwork (or lack of) shows the most. These are general applications that showed us how to use specific features of Flash.

  The website template uses the center of the application to display the sub projects. All of the links are located at the top and along the right side. When an application link is clicked, it will start to run in the center area. Also details about the project are displayed in the bottom right of the web interface. Below are some screenshots.

  Screenshots :

Web -Front Menu

Web -Underwater

Web -Map

Web -Xmas

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