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    This section covers some of my personal skills and background. There is information about my educational background, Qualifications, Skills, and Software I have used. My Resume and Reference Letters are also listed in this section. I also have a link to my Professional Experience and Services that I provide. If you need any more information check out my Contact Info page and let me know. I retain all rights to the material that is available for download or viewable.

Personal Intel Sections

  Listed here is my Resume in a Word Document format. I also have the document available as a jpeg.

  These are Reference Letters that I have received from various sources.

  Here you will find information on my Education.

  I have listed a various set of skills that I possess in this section.

  Listed here are the pieces of Software that I am familiar with.


Sister Link :
  Services Section

Additional Information :
  Although my website has a lot of information about my skills and abilities, I have one specific section for services I provide. Since I have devoted an entire section for this, the link to that section is provided above. Basically this section outlines all of the various services I can provide. Since this isn't the base section, I am keeping this short. If you would like to see the services I provide, had over to that section via the 'Services Section' link above. All of the information about my services is explained there.


Professional Experience
Sister Link :
  Professional Experience

Additional Information :
  Similar to that of my Services section above, I have a set section devoted for my Professional Experience. This section covers all of the Professional positions I have held. Information about these positions is available in this section. I also have reference material listed in that section.

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