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Personal Data Downloads

    Below I have listed all of the files that are available under my Personal Data Section for download. I listed everything here to help make it easier to find files. Each section is listed alphabetically by file name. There is very little information about the individual files and sections here. To find more information on each section and the individual files, check out the links located on the right. If you need any more information check out my Contact Info page and let me know. I retain all rights to the material that is available for download or viewable.

Programming Projects

  C++ [~85 KB] [~30 KB] [~3.13 MB] [~3.32 MB] [~190 KB] [~145 KB] [~1.84 MB] [~120 KB] [~100 KB] [~460 KB]

  C# [~105 KB] [~1.18 MB] [~2.29 MB] [~40 KB] [~25 KB] [~115 KB]

  Director [~397 MB]
    Baxter_Board_Full_Full.jpg (Img)
    Baxter_Board_Part_Full.jpg (Img)
    Baxter_Comp_Word_Full.jpg (Img)
    Baxter_Eff_Movie_Full.jpg (Img)
    Baxter_FinRo_Display_Full.jpg (Img)
    Baxter_FinRo_Value_Full.jpg (Img)
    Baxter_FinRo_Wild_Snap_Full.jpg (Img)
    Baxter_Saf_Snap_Full.jpg (Img)
    Baxter_WaitingForPlayers_Full.jpg (Img)
    Baxter_Wild_Movie_Full.jpg (Img) [~227 MB] [~272 MB]
    Cisco_CHome_720p_Img_HL_ConEnter_Full.jpg (Img)
    Cisco_CHome_720p_Img_HL_HomeMonSys_Full.jpg (Img)
    Cisco_CHome_720p_Img_HL_RemoteAccess_Full.jpg (Img)
    Cisco_CHome_720p_Img_Main_Full.jpg (Img)
    Cisco_CHome_720p_Vid_HomeAuto_Full.jpg (Img)
    Cisco_CHome_720p_Vid_Overview_Full.jpg (Img)
    Cisco_CHome_720p_Vid_TvToGo_Full.jpg (Img)
    Cisco_CHome_720p_Vid_WholeHomeDVR_Full.jpg (Img)
    *IDemo_App_All.RAR* [~3.03 GB] [~60.4 MB] [~1.64 GB] [~1.58 GB]
    MM_AppLay_Menu_Full.jpg (Img)
    MM_NetLay_Menu_Full.jpg (Img)
    MM_NoSelection_Full.jpg (Img)
    MM_SecLay_Menu_Full.jpg (Img)
    MM_ServiceLay_Menu_Full.jpg (Img)
    Sub_Highlight_Full.jpg (Img)
    Sub_LoopPoint_Full.jpg (Img)
    Sub_NoHighlight_Full.jpg (Img)
    Sub_Pre_Highlight_Full.jpg (Img) [~510 MB]
    Valeant_Answer_Full.jpg (Img)
    Valeant_Credits_Full.jpg (Img)
    Valeant_IntroMovie_Full.jpg (Img)
    Valeant_Question_Full.jpg (Img)

    FlashWebsite.swf [~5.66 MB]
    Website_Fish_Full.jpg (Img)
    Website_FrontMenu_Full.jpg (Img)
    Website_Map_Full.jpg (Img)
    Website_Xmas_Full.jpg (Img)
    nasa_50th.exe [~12.4 MB]
    nasa_50th.swf [~10.9 MB]
    Nasa_50_Assem_Apoll_15_Full.jpg (Img)
    Nasa_50_Assem_Mercury_Full.jpg (Img)
    Nasa_50_Games_Full.jpg (Img)
    Nasa_50_Main_Mercury_Full.jpg (Img)
    Nasa_50_MC_Apollo_11_Full.jpg (Img)
    Nasa_50_MC_Gemini_8_Full.jpg (Img) [~21.7 MB]
    Apollo_1.exe [~1.72 MB]
    Apollo_1.swf [~230 KB]
    Apollo_2.exe [~1.75 MB]
    Apollo_2.swf [~260 KB]
    Earth_Recon.exe [~6.15 MB]
    Earth_Recon.swf [~4.64 MB]
    Gemini.exe [~1.74 MB]
    Gemini.swf [~245 KB]
    Lander.exe [~1.91 MB]
    Lander.swf [~425 KB]
    Moon_Recon.exe [~6.92 MB]
    Moon_Recon.swf [~5.41 MB]
    Apollo1_1_Full.jpg (Img)
    Apollo1_2_Full.jpg (Img)
    Apollo2_1_Full.jpg (Img)
    Apollo2_2_Full.jpg (Img)
    Earth_1_Full.jpg (Img)
    Earth_2_Full.jpg (Img)
    Gemini_1_Full.jpg (Img)
    Gemini_2_Full.jpg (Img)
    Lander_1_Full.jpg (Img)
    Lander_2_Full.jpg (Img)
    Moon_1_Full.jpg (Img)
    Moon_2_Full.jpg (Img)

  Lua [~175 KB] [~175 KB]


      Level_1_Full.jpg (Img)
      Level_1_InGame1_Full.jpg (Img)
      Level_1_InGame2_Full.jpg (Img)
      Level_1_InGame3_Full.jpg (Img)
      Level_1_InGame4_Full.jpg (Img)
      Level_2_EnemyBase_Full.jpg (Img)
      Level_2_Overview_Full.jpg (Img)
      Level_2_PlayersBase2_Full.jpg (Img)
      Level_2_PlayersBase_Full.jpg (Img)
      Level_3_EnemyBase2_Full.jpg (Img)
      Level_3_EnemyBase_Full.jpg (Img)
      Level_3_InGame2_Full.jpg (Img)
      Level_3_InGame3_Full.jpg (Img)
      Level_3_InGame4_Full.jpg (Img)
      Level_3_InGame_Full.jpg (Img)
      Level_3_Map_BottomLeft_Full.jpg (Img)
      Level_3_Map_Center_Full.jpg (Img)
      Level_3_Map_CenterBottom_Full.jpg (Img)
      Level_3_Map_CenterTop_Full.jpg (Img)
      Level_3_Map_TopRight_Full.jpg (Img)
      Level_3_Overview_Full.jpg (Img)
      Level_4_Setup_Full.jpg (Img)

      FrontMenu_Full.jpg (Img)
      ObjectGui_Full.jpg (Img)
      PrefsGui_Full.jpg (Img)
      Scoreboard_Players_Full.jpg (Img)
      Scoreboard_PlayerSummary_Full.jpg (Img)
      Scenario_1_GrenadeRange_Full.jpg (Img)
      Scenario_1_Intro_Full.jpg (Img)
      Scenario_1_Maze_Full.jpg (Img)
      Scenario_1_OCourse_Full.jpg (Img)
      Scenario_1_Range_Full.jpg (Img)
      Scenario_1_RangeOp_Full.jpg (Img)
      Scenario_1_Vehicles_Full.jpg (Img)
      Scenario_2_Overview_Full.jpg (Img)
      Scenario_2_Raid_Full.jpg (Img)

  VB [~15 KB] [~10 KB] [~55 KB] [~25 KB]




      BG 1 (Img)
      BG 2 (Img)
      BG 3 (Img)
      BG 4 (Img)
      BG 5 (Img)
      BG 6 (Img)
      BG 7 (Img)
      BG 8 (Img)
      BG 9 (Img)
      BG 10 (Img)
      BG 11 (Img)
      BG 12 (Img)
      BG 13 (Img)
      BG 13 v2 (Img)
      BG 14 (Img)
      BG 15 (Img)
      BG 16 (Img)
      BG 16 v2 (Img)
      BG 16 v3 (Img)
      BG 17 (Img)
      BG 18 (Img)
      BG 18 v2 (Img)
      BG 19 (Img)
      BG 20 (Img)
      BG 21 (Img)
      BG 22 (Img)
      BG 23 (Img)
      BG 24 (Img)
      BG 25 (Img)
      BG 26 (Img)
      BG 27 (Img)
      BG 28 (Img)
      BG 29 (Img)
      BG 30 (Img)
      BG 31 (Img)
      BG 31 v2 (Img)
      BG 31 v3 (Img)
      BG 32 (Img)
      BG 33 (Img)
      BG 33 v2 (Img)
      BG 34 (Img)
      BG 35 (Img)
      BG 35 v2 (Img)
      BG 35 v3 (Img)
      BG 36 (Img)
      BG 36 v2 (Img)
      BG 37 (Img)
      BG 37 v2 (Img)
      BG 38 (Img)
      BG 38 v2 (Img)
      BG 39 (Img)
      BG 40 (Img)
      BG 41 (Img)
      BG 41 v2 (Img)
      BG 42 (Img)
      BG 43 (Img)
      BG 44 (Img)

    Personal Images
      11_BG_Water_Full.jpg (Img)
      24_BG_Water_Full.jpg (Img)
      30_BG_Water_Full.jpg (Img)
      Logo_Watermark_Full.jpg (Img)
      Page_BG_Fuzy_v1_Full.jpg (Img)
      Page_BG_Light_Fade_v1_Full.jpg (Img)
      Page_BG_Med_Fade_v1_Full.jpg (Img)
      Card_v3.jpg (Img)
      Dark_Blue_Logo_v1.jpg (Img)
      Light_Blue_Logo_v1.jpg (Img)
      Logo_Black.jpg (Img)

      CD_Concept_v2_Full.jpg (Img) [~9.29 MB]
      Fantasy_Collage_v5_00_Full.jpg (Img)
      Fantasy_Collage_Normal_3_09_Full.jpg (Img)
      Fantasy_Collage_Pink_Purple_4_05_Full.jpg (Img)
      Fantasy_Collage_Yellow_Green_4_02_Full.jpg (Img)
      Nature_Montage_Full.jpg (Img)
      Rez_Baby_After_Full.jpg (Img)
      Rez_Baby_Before_Full.jpg (Img)
      Rez_Boy_Full.jpg (Img)
      Rez_Family_After_Full.jpg (Img)
      Rez_Family_Damaged_Full.jpg (Img)
      SciFi_Full.jpg (Img)
      Colorization_WhiteTiger_Gray_Full.jpg (Img)
      Colorization_WhiteTiger_Original_Full.jpg (Img)
      Colorization_WhiteTiger_Recolored_Full.jpg (Img)
      Faculty_Halloween_Full.jpg (Img)
      Faculty_October_Full.jpg (Img)
      Student_Halloween_Full.jpg (Img)
      Student_October_Full.jpg (Img)
      Dodgeball_Flyer_Full.jpg (Img)
      LanParty_Flyer_Full.jpg (Img)
      PaintBall_Flyer_H_Full.jpg (Img)
      PaintBall_Flyer_V_Full.jpg (Img)
      Print_Flyer_Full.jpg (Img)
      RadioFlyer_Full.jpg (Img)
      ResLife_Flyer_Full.jpg (Img)
      Student_1_Full.jpg (Img)
      Student_2_Full.jpg (Img)
      Student_3_Full.jpg (Img)
      Student_4_Full.jpg (Img)
      Student_5_Full.jpg (Img)

    Work / Jobs
      St_Nicks_Original_250psi_Full.jpg (Img)
      ST_Nicks_Edit_v11_200psi_Full.jpg (Img)

    Atom_Full.jpg (Img)
    ImpArt_v2_Full.jpg (Img)
    ImpArt_v3_Full.jpg (Img)
    Ocean_58_Full.jpg (Img)



  Antz! [~1.40 MB]

  Bomberman [~80 KB]

  DNA / Genetics Project [~700 KB]

  GDIS2 [~5.91 MB]

  My Design Docs [~115 KB]

  Reference Letters
    Jim_Pearce_RefLetter.doc [~25 KB]
    Ken_Adams_RefLetter.doc [~25 KB]
    Mark_Kirchner_RefLetter.doc [~25 KB]
    Phil_Miller_RefLetter.doc [~25 KB]

    Jonathan_Gardner_Resume.doc [~142 KB] [~660 KB]

  Russian [~660 KB]

  Super_Goomba [~50 KB]

  Test Level OpenGL [~10 KB]


Course Development

  Programming I (GAM3501)
    GAM3501 09 Nov to 10 [~4.82 MB]

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