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    Listed here is some of the information about my web site. My current site is the only one I have professionally worked on. So all of the information will be on this site. If you need any more information check out my Contact Info page and let me know. I retain all rights to the material that is available for download or viewable.
Project Title :
Application Title : Jonathan Gardner's Website
Date Completed : February 2010
Project Timeline :
  September 14th '09 to February 7th '10 (HTML Ver)
  ??? '10 to ??? '10 (Dynamic Ver)
Team (roles) :
  Jonathan Gardner (All)
Application Type : Informative, Website
Location : Phoenix, AZ + Orlando, FL
Project Type : Personal
Project Hours :
  Jonathan Gardner : 100+ Hours -Pervious Versions
  Jonathan Gardner : ~200+ Hours -HTML Ver
  Jonathan Gardner : ~??? Hours -Dynamic Ver

Website Details :
  Well you are at my website, so hopefully you have read over some of the information here. Basically this site is a collection of a lot of my personal, work/job, and college data. These range from personal projects to work related projects. The site has 2 versions main version, a Dynamic HTML version and a standard HTML version. All of the information between the 2 versions is identical. The only real difference is the dynamic natures and effects on the pages.

  The site itself is divided into 3 main sections. These are my Portfolio, my Services, and Personal Data. Each of these sections contains detailed information about me. My Portfolio section is a concise section that highlights some of the major items I have done. The information in my Portfolio will overlap with my Services and Personal Data.

  Overall I did all of the programming and design myself. Even though the current version was built on a previous version, it still took a good amount of time to update. This was for a wide range of reasons. Some of it was because I added a lot more detail to my projects. The new design and layout also took a good amount of time to do. If anyone has worked on a website they understand how much work it takes to develop, especially being the only one working on it. The best thing is to browse over the site and check out the information I have available.

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