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    Here are a couple applications that I programmed in Lua. I only have a few applications as I haven't fully designed much in Lua. I am planning to learn more about Lua and create a couple larger applications. I have downloads available and they have a ReadMe.txt file. To run the applications, take a look at the read me and it will explain how to run the application. If you need any more information check out my Contact Info page and let me know. I retain all rights to the material that is available for download or viewable.

Project Title : LSystem
Date Completed : December 2007
Project Timeline : 1.5 Weeks of September '07
Team (roles) :
  Jonathan Gardner (All)
Application Type : Tools / Demonstrative
Location : Phoenix, AZ
Project Type : College Course
Downloads :  ( ~ 175 KB)
External Links :
  Wiki LSystem

Project Details :
  This application was developed for a class that I audited. The class covered AI Life applications. This application is called an L System. An L-system is a parallel rewriting system used to represent a variety of things. This version demonstrates a recursive text replacement. Basically you set up a rule set that governs how the axiom updates each generation. You set the axiom to start with some text. You then run the application for a specified number of generations. Each generations will be display the changes to the axiom.

  There isn't too much on this application. I did use Lua to try and expand my knowledge in the programming language. This application did help me out with Lua. The only drawback to this application is that it is in a console style window.


Black Jack
Application Title : Black Jack
Date Completed : January 2008
Project Timeline : 1 Day of January '08
Team (roles) :
  Jonathan Gardner (All)
Application Type : Simple Game
Location : Los Angeles, CA
Project Type : Personal
Downloads :  ( ~ 175 KB)

Project Details :
  Here is a simple version of Black Jack. While it is probably not as complex as my LSystem, it does have a bit of code. There really isn't much to explain about black jack. You input a bet and you have the standard options : Hit, Stand, Double Down. There is a read me include to tell you how to run the application. It is also in a console window.

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