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Research Network Inc (RNI)

    This page lists all of the information about my position at RNI. If you need any more information check out my Contact Info page and let me know. I retain all rights to the material that is available for download or viewable.

Software Engineer/Customer Support Specialist
Job Title : Software Engineer/Customer Support Specialist
Start/End Date : September 1, 2008 to July 1, 2009
Supervisors :
  Jay Saffold (President)

Company Information :
  Research Network Inc. [RNI]
  1201 Roberts Blvd, Suite 120
  Kennesaw, GA 30144
  Research Network Inc. (RNI) Website

Clients :
  Army Research Institute (ARI)
  Department of Defense (DoD)
  US Army
  University of Central Florida (UCF)

Applications Used :
  Half Life 2 Engine, C++, C#, MS Office Suite, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Visual Studio 05 and 08, Win XP, Win 7 RC

Sister Links :
  Nasa 50th and Games (Mods/Other)

Responsibilities :
  Software Development/Programming (C++/C#), Customer/Client Support (Phone, Email, & In-Person), Documentation Specialists (Creation of new documents and Updating old documents), Multimedia (Photoshop & Illustrator), Demo Support, Hardware/Software Installation and Testing, Quality & Assurance, Bug Reports, Project Development, Team Interaction and Support.

More Information :
  While I worked for RNI I had 2 main responsibilities. I was first a programmer, working on the GDIS2 simulation. Second, I was a customer support specialist for the clients located in Orlando. This was because I worked remotely the entire time I worked at RNI. I lived in Orlando and had a lot of contact with the clients directly. I spent a good amount of time at UCF working with ARI on the simulation. Since this was the only project I worked on at RNI I will give a few details on the project.
  RNI started this project a few years prior to my arrival, and it is still an ongoing project. The main aspects of the project are : Virtual and Live Training (both Mouse/Keyboard, and Live Trainees wearing a Body Suit), Both Urban and Rural (or Remote) terrains, Interaction with AI (this was to handle Insurgence and Civilian interaction), Ability to use vehicles (Hum-V, Tank, etc), In game Voice Chat, After Action Review (with playback features), and the ability for local and remote access (via internet). There is more information on the project listed in my Mods section. You can link there directly with the sister link provided above.

Reason For Leaving :
  I was let go by RNI in late June. My last official work day was July 1st. They had given me a call and we were talking about some of my recent work and the recent documentation I did. Everything there seemed to be good; they really liked the documentation improvements. They didn't give any specifics when they let me know. In general my best guess is that it was a cutback. They did mention that I seemed to be spending too much time with the client and not enough programming. That's about the jest of it. Everything else was going pretty well until the let me go. If any reference is needed here Jay was my supervisor and should be able to help anyone out.

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