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    This page lists all of the information about my position at Inhance Digital. If you need any more information check out my Contact Info page and let me know. I retain all rights to the material that is available for download or viewable.

Software Engineer / Multimedia Programmer
Job Title : Software Engineer
Start/End Date : January 14, 2008 to May 30, 2008
Supervisors :
  Mazi Farzam (President)
  Penn Arthur (CEO)

Company Information :
  Inhance Digital
  8057 Beverly Blvd. Suite 200
  Los Angeles, CA 90048
  Inhance Digital Website

Clients :
  Discovery Channel
  Cisco Systems

Applications Used :
  Director MX (Lingo), Flash 8 (Actionscript), Lua, Photoshop, Illustrator, Visual Studio, C++, C#, Win XP

Sister Links :
  Nasa 50th and Games (Flash)
  IDemo (Director)
  Connected Home (Director)
  Baxter Trivia Game (Director)
  Valeant Kiosk Quiz (Director)

Responsibilities :
  Full project scope, Creation and Development of Client requested software, Software Development/Programming (Flash, Director, C++/C#), Documentation Specialists (Creation of New Documents and Updating Old documents), Quality & Assurance, Bug Reports, Project Development, Team Interaction and Support, Customer/Client Support (Phone, Email), Multimedia (Photoshop & Illustrator), Demo Support.

More Information :
  The entire time I worked for Inhance Digital I was a programmer. I used a variety of languages and software while at Inhance Digital. I also worked on several projects. All of which are listed above in the sister links. Those links will take you directly to the pages that cover the projects I worked on for Inhance Digital.

Reason For Leaving :
  Basically I wanted to live closer to my family. After being in CA for awhile, I found it was hard to be with my family. The closest family I had was about 2400 miles away. Being very family oriented, this made it difficult for me after awhile. I did give Inhance 3 weeks notice that I was going to be leaving. I left on very good terms with everyone at Inhance. I was actually offered an increase in pay after I informed Inhance that I was leaving. Unfortunately I still decided to move closer to family. Just to note I moved from CA to FL. Both Mazi and Penn offered to be references for any future ventures or positions. Feel free to contact Inhance for any more information, or myself.

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