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IADT (International Academy of Design & Technology)

    This page lists all of the information about my position at IADT. If you need any more information check out my Contact Info page and let me know. I retain all rights to the material that is available for download or viewable.

Job Title : Instructor
Start/End Date : December 7, 2009 to Present
Supervisor :
  Douglas Oberndorf (Game Production, Department Head)

Company Information :
  6039 Rio Grande Blvd
  Orlando, FL 32809
  IADT Website

Applications Used :
  Visual Studio (2005, 2008), C++, C#, Win XP, Unity Engine, Javascript

Responsibilities :
  As an instructor I had to develop multiple courses. This included all of the material for lecture, in class tutorials, in class work, Assignments, Quizzes, Tests, Midterms, Finals, Final Projects, Team Projects, Reviews, and various other information. I worked directly with the students to teach them Programming, Game Design, Level Design, and Documentation. I also worked with other instructors to develop a new degree path. This included multiple courses in game programming, design, production, and documentation. Below are the courses I instructed and other additional information about the course and material.

Programming I (GAM3501) :
Terms Instructed : (Discontinued Course)
  December 2009 to February 2010 (1 Class)
Course Details : 10 Week Course*
Language : C++ (VS 2005, 2008)
Course Information :
  This course covers the fundamentals of programming. The entire course was based in console applications. The students will learn what a programming language is, what and IDE is, how to program, and how to analyze and debug code. The class also referenced code in the game environment, and how to use programming to develop games.

Grading Criteria : [100%, 2000pts]
  Homework Assignments (8) [40%, 800 pts]
    8 Assignments : 100pts Each / 800pts Total
  Quizzes (2) [5%, 100 pts]
    2 Quizzes : 50pts Each / 100pts Total
  Midterm (1) [15%, 300 pts]
    1 Midterm Exam : 300pts Total
  Final Project (1) [20%, 400 pts]
    1 Final Project : 400pts Total
  Final Exam (1) [20%, 400 pts]
    1 Final Exam : 400pts Total

Other Information :
  This was my first course at IADT. I had stepped in for the previous instructor at week 3. The first class covered material, but it was basically used to get a background on the students and what was already covered. So overall the entire course was covered in 6 weeks. It was a little rushed since I started part way into the course. Everything seemed to work out well though.

Course Material/Downloads :
  Listed below here is the course material that I developed for this class.
  GAM3501 09 Nov to 10  ( ~ 4.82 MB)

Programming II (GAM3701) :
Terms Instructed : (Discontinued Course)
  February 2010 to April 2010 (1 Class)
Course Details : 10 Week Course
Language : C++ (VS 2005, 2008)
Course Information :
  This course is being developed directly on top of the Programming I course. The students will learn to program with a variety of Data Structures. They will also learn how to write their own Data Structures and how to improve them. They will also learn how to create game loops and develop simple games. Their final project is going to be a group project of 2 to 4 students. This project will require the students to develop their own game. (This course is still being developed, so this information may change)

Grading Criteria : [...]
  Still To Be Determined...

Course Material/Downloads :
  Will be uploaded as it becomes available...

Game Production I (GAME350) :
Terms Instructed :
  February 2010 to April 2010 (1 class)
Course Details : 10 Week Course
Language : Javascript, Unity Engine
Course Information :
  As this course is still being developed, most of this information may change. There also isn't a lot of details set currently. At this point the students will be using the Unity Engine to learn programming (Javascript) and game development.

Grading Criteria : [...]
  Still To Be Determined...

Course Material/Downloads :
  Will be uploaded as it becomes available...

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