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    Being from a family of photographers, I am an avid photographer. Compared to a professional, my skills are pretty close. The only major difference is that I don't get paid to take pictures. One thing about me is that I like to classify myself as a nature photographer. I would much rather take pictures of objects or nature then of people. Although I do have some pictures that are pretty good of people. Below I have separated my pictures into a few main areas. If you need any more information check out my Contact Info page and let me know. I retain all rights to the material that is available for download or viewable.


  All of the pictures in this section are of nature.

  This section is entirely of my trip to Hawaii. I have a lot of images in here of various things.

Race Track
  Listed in here are some images I got from the race track.

  All of the images here are Panoramics.

  These are various projects that have used images and image editing.

  These images are kind of random and don't really fall into any other category.

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