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Personal Data

    This section contains a variety of information about me. It will cover both technical and non technical skills and qualities. I have separated the information into a few sections for better viewing. They are listed below with a small outline to help guide you to the right information.


  The information listed here is all about my programming and projects. I will go into detail on all of the projects listed here. I will also go into some detail on my technical skills in this area. There are some examples and screenshots available here. There are also some small code samples shown for various projects.

  The Multimedia section contains projects that I have done in applications like Photoshop and Illustrator. I have a list of images shown here to demonstrate some of my skills in this area. Each project will also have details about the project or the image.

  I have information listed here about my web skills. This will cover both design and programming. There will be some examples of work I have done and some screenshots.

  In this section I have listed all of the documentations I have worked on. Most of these will only be samples of the documents. Mainly because I do not own the copyright privileges for the docs. If more information is requested I can check on the docs and may be able to provide a more detailed version.

Professional Experience
  Listed here is my work history. This will go over the positions I have held and the companies I have worked for. Outlines of the work I performed will also be listed here. Though the main outlines for these projects will be listed in their respective sections. A link is provided so you can view all of the details of the projects.

PC Builds
  In here you will find al lof the PC's that I have build. If available I have listed all of the specs and web links for each PC.

  Photography is a field I have some experience in. Listed here are photos I have taken myself and the locations of the photos.

Video Editing
  I've done some work with video editing. Most of the projects I have worked on are listed here. I have a few techniques and compressions I have used listed here as well.

Personal Intel
  Listed here are my skills, qualifications, and personal qualities. This should help give you some background on my technical and non technical skills. I also have my Resume, References, Reference Letters, Educational Background, Skills, and Software listed under this section.

Contact Info
  This one is pretty straight forward. I have listed my contact information here.

  Under this section is an entire list of downloads that are available under my Personal Data section. I have located all of the links here for fast access to the information.

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