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    Listed below are projects that I have worked on for Jobs. Some of the projects below will overlap with my programming section. I have worked on some projects solely for the image editing, and others while programming. All of the positions I have held have required me to create and edit images. If you need any more information check out my Contact Info page and let me know. I retain all rights to the material that is available for download or viewable.

St. Nicks
Date Completed : May 2009
Project Timeline : April 27, 2009 to May 2, 2009
Scheduled Completion Date : May 4, 2009
Project Time : ~12 Hours
Team (roles) :
  Jonathan Gardner (All)
Application Type : Image Editing
Location : Orlando, FL
Project Type : Work Related, Job, Contract
Company I Worked For :
  Lifetouch NSS Inc.
Supervisor :
  Karen Gardner -Territory Manager

Project Details :
  I was hired to do some image editing and touchup. The job had a 1 week timeframe from start to completion. I was able to finish the image a couple days early and get some feedback while working on it. The original image was scanned in at 2400 psi for maximum editing capabilities, and was only 4.5' x 4.5'. The finished product needed to be 11'x14' and ready for printing.

St. Nicks Original Image

St. Nicks Final Image


Sister Links :
  GDIS2 (Mods/Programming)

Project Details :
  The main section for GDIS2 is located in my Mods section. It explains all of the major parts of the project. My image editing for this project dealt with Gui interfaces. I designed and updated almost all of the Gui interfaces in the project. I also helped update some of the documentation. My design and layout skills helped out there as well.


Director Projects
Sister Links :
  Director (Director/Programming)

Project Details :
  While I was working at Inhance Digital I worked with Director. All of the applications that I worked on required me to do some kind of multimedia work. Some required me to create images, while others were edits to existing images. I worked on Buttons, Button Presses, Highlights, and other images. The link for Director will take you to the main page. All of the projects listed in that section I have done some work on with images.


Sister Links :
  Flash (Flash/Programming)

Project Details :
  This part is similar to the Director one above. While working at Inhance I did a lot of image editing for my Flash projects. This link will direct you to my flash page. All of the projects that I worked for Inhance have some image editing done. I created images and edited others. If you need any specifics just let me know.

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