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    Listed here are some odds and ends. These are projects I have worked on for various things. Some I have created and others I have just edited. These projects don't really fall under my other sections for anything specific. If you need any more information check out my Contact Info page and let me know. I retain all rights to the material that is available for download or viewable.

Date Completed : April 2008
Project Timeline : Unsure
Project Time : 3 or 4 Hours
Team (roles) :
  Jonathan Gardner (All)
Location : Orlando, FL
Project Type : Personal

Project Details :
  Here I have an image of a Tattoo. A friend of mine asked me to help create this image. He had an idea of the base image and asked me to draw it digitally. This was mainly because he wanted to color it. He wasn't sure what color or colors he wanted to have put into it. After I got it drawn, we did a couple versions. Eventually he decided that he liked the red and blue combination. He now has this tattoo on his inner forearm. I don't currently have an image of the tattoo, but I could get one if needed.

Tattoo Concept

Version 1

Version 2

Version 2 w/ Grayscale


WinAmp Skins
Team (roles) :
  Jonathan Gardner (All)
Location : Various
Project Type : Personal

Details :
  Listed here are some WinAmp Skins that I have created. They are of various images and schemes. All of these are for the old skin version. Though they should work fine in the newer 5+ version. I have the images and the WinAmp skin file (zip/wsz) available for download below.

Skin : Base Skin
Winamp Site : Reference Winamps Website
Winamp File : Winamp Base Skin -Freeware

Winamp EQ's : WinAmp EQ's.rar (~5 KB)

Information :
  The baseskin is listed first as reference. Both the images and the WinAmp skin file (zip/wsz) are available for download. The baseskin come with all versions of WinAmp. It is also freeware as far as I know.

Base Winamp skin

Skin : Cloud Strife (v1, v1.3, v2)
Date Completed : October 2000
Winamp File : Cloud Strife
Winamp File : Cloud Strife v1.3
Winamp File : Cloud Strife v2

Information :
  This was the very first skin I tried to create. I didn't write down as many details about the skin so most of this is on memory. The same goes for the other 2 versions of this skin. The base image is from the cover of the strategy guide for the game Final Fantasy 7. Not sure how long it took me to complete it as it was done a while back. If I had to guess it probably took me around 2 weeks to do, but probably only like 10 hours.

Cloud Strife     Cloud Strife v1.3

Cloud Strife v2

Skin : Freez 'n
Date Completed : December 2003
Winamp File : Freez 'n

Information :
  This was my second attempt at creating a skin. I tried to use an image that was a little more complex. It turned out pretty well except for the fact that I never completed the main windows titlebar.

Freez 'n

Skin : Fire Spawn
Date Completed : April 2004
Winamp File : Fire Spawn

Information :
  This was probably my first fully completed skin. It contains all of the bells and whistles for all the modes and the extra file info file. I use this skin all the time on my laptop, and it is one of my two favorite skins.

Fire Spawn

Skin : MS Rome v1.0
Date Completed : April 2004
Winamp File : MS Rome v1.0

Information :
  I started this skin one day after I downloaded a new version of Winamp. I was browsing for a new skin and come across a few for sports figures. That gave me the idea to do a skin for Maria Sharapova. The skin looks pretty good, and I tried to submit it. Unfortunately Winamp didn't accept it for some reason.

MS Rome v1.0

Skin : Nebula 148
Date Completed : January 2009
Winamp File : Nebula 148

Information :
  This is probably my favorite skin to date. It is about 90% finished, since there are a few files that still need done. I was trying a new approach for this skin using Photoshop files. I started out creating 'blank' files that all I would need to do is copy in the new image. From there all I would need to do is re-crop the sections into the right channels and save as a jpg. It worked pretty well and I will be using this approach in future skins. This approach saves a lot of time cropping and fitting in each of the images separately.

Nebula 148

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